Health & Longevity programs

We offer cutting-edge medical testing and consulting services, along with personalized health & longevity programs that are designed to transform your quality of life and promote longevity.
Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health, manage a chronic condition, or optimize your well-being, our team of medical specialists will work with you to create a tailored program that meets your unique needs and goals.


Men’s Health

Throughout the years, the male body naturally experiences many hormonal fluctuations. However, a lesser known fact is that hormonal decrease starts at the age of thirty and by the age of forty many man already experience so called androgen-deficient symptoms. Much more than what your hormones are primarily known for - we believe that hormonal health is the basis of your health and longevity. Allow us to transform your quality of life and increase your longevity.

Women’s Health

Our Women’s Health program was specifically designed for women to adopt a pro-active approach to ageing which allows them to continue performing physically, mentally, and emotionally. In essence, an anti-ageing medicine approach where a focus is placed on prevention and optimisation of women’s health and well-being so that women may feel informed and empowered to continue leading exceptional lives.

Vital Diet

It is commonly known that nutrition plays a big role in the pursuit of longevity. However, we also understand that many of us often have a complicated relationship with food and a fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t always allow us to understand or prioritise eating mindfully. Our Vital Diet Program has been designed to create sustainable, mindful and long-lasting nutritional and life-style practices focused on bio-individuality.


If you’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall in your personal and work life due to burnout syndrome, you’re not alone. burnout can leave you feeling depleted and unmotivated, with little energy to tackle the challenges of your day. Our specially designed Burnout-Support Therapy Program has been created to suit a patients specific needs, mentally, emotionally and physically whilst respecting their ongoing responsibilities and situation.

Benefits of all our programs
  • A detailed analysis of  samples whereby more than 300 diagnostic parameters and markers are rigorously tested.
  • A two-hour consultation with one of our medical specialists
  • Personal supplementation and medicine recommendations
  • You will receive support during and the following month after the consultation and if needed there is a possibility for further follow-up consultations