Our Services

How does it work?


Initial consultation

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your expectations, health concerns, needs, and desires. Following this, you’ll receive a personalized proposal for a Health & Longevity Program tailored to your specific requirements.


Comprehensive analysis

For a comprehensive analysis, we will require you to provide blood and urine samples.


Detailed medical consultation

We’ll conduct a detailed medical consultation and analyze your results to provide personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes, supplements, and medications.

About Qualevita

Our anti-aging clinic is dedicated to transforming quality of life, helping individuals maintain vitality and youthfulness at any age.

We offer personalized care through the latest advancements in science and technology. Our team of medical professionals delivers a variety of therapies and treatments designed to promote optimal health, wellness, and longevity. At our clinic, we view aging not as a limitation, but as an opportunity to live life to its fullest.

International Team
of Specialists

Miguel Martinez del Campo, md

Dr. Martinez, a leading physician at QUALEVITA Clinic for Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine, dedicates his career to advancing innovative, patient-centered, evidence-based medicine.

Elizaveta Fridel, md

With a focus on anti-aging medicine and hormone therapy, Dr. Fridel is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health and wellness and offers personalized, evidence-based medical care that targets the underlying causes of aging, such as hormonal imbalances, disbiosys, and oxidative stress.

Thierry Hertoghe

Dr Thierry Hertoghe has been practising his Hormone Replacement and Anti-Aging Medicine for over 20 years. Together with his sister, Dr Thérèse Hertoghe, they proudly represent the fourth generation of doctors working with hormones since 1892

Tatiana Bakunina

Tatiana Bakunina is a Harvard graduate and entrepreneur with a 20-year background in preventive, integrative, and anti-aging medicine.

Gloria Sabater

Genetic, microbiome, food supplements

Katerina Tolmacheva

Genetics and nutritional expert