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Testosterone levels in men. Quality of sex

Hormone replacement therapy will bring back energy, libido and vitality.

Testosterone levels drop with age. You might start to feel less energetic. Your overall health might appear to be crumbling and your sex drive is not so strong anymore. These changes are not welcome, but don't give up!



Testosterone is responsible for typical male characteristics, such as a deep voice, muscle mass, facial and body hair. With testosterone deficiency men start to feel the first signs of old age. Timely anti-ageing hormonal therapy will stop age-related changes and bring back vitality.



From the age of thirty testosterone levels go down by about 10% every ten years. A drop in testosterone leads to andropause, which is associated with many symptoms:

lack of sexual desire

lack of energy


irritability and mood swings

loss of strength and muscle mass

increase in body fat

hot flashes

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