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Telomeres are terminals located on each of the 23 pairs of chromosomes that we inherited from our parents. Telomeric parts are not capable of combining with other chromosomes and have a protective function. Telomeres play a key role in preserving DNA integrity.

Each of our cells contains 92 telomeres. These are a kind of “chronometer”, counting the time of the onset of old age.

With each cell division, telomeres are gradually shortened until one becomes critically short, causing illness or cell death.

Telomere shortening is an irreversible and permanent process. The speed of this process varies, depending on environmental factors and physical or emotional stress.

The average value of telomere length is a marker of biological age. Each time a cell reproduces, its telomeres become somewhat shorter, so that after several cell divisions, on reaching a critical level, cell death occurs. In this way our body prevents the occurrence of mutational cell lines that can lead to cancer.

QualeVita and the EUGENOMIC laboratory have developed and successfully carry out tests to determine the length of telomeres.

If the test results show that telomeres are shorter than they should be at a certain age, it may be possible to lengthen them, and as a result improve your general health by

- Proper eating habits

- Physical exercise

- Food supplements (TA65) which activate the telomerase enzyme responsible for telomere elongation

Also, the telomere length test can determine the compatibility of donors for bone marrow transplantation.

To diagnose and monitor telomere length changes, it is necessary to have accurate and sensitive equipment to measure the minute changes in their length and monitor the effectiveness of therapy.

Other clinical uses for measuring telomeres are:

- Cancer prognosis

- Selection of bone marrow donors

- Diagnosis of congenital dyskeratosis and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

TA65 is a telomere-restoring food supplement which acts through telomerase activation.

TA65 MD activates telomerase and increases telomere length in humans.

Elongation of telomere helps to improve immune cells function, facilitates an increase in bone density and positively affects the other indicators of the most important biomarkers.


Any person over 40 who wants to prevent the irreversible effects of ageing and stay active longer.


TA65 MD was introduced after 5 years of development, research and laboratory tests to ensure maximum safety. Currently, more than 100 of our patients have been receiving TA65 MD for over 5 years. During the TA65 MD treatment, there wasn't a single case of side effects, cancer or an increase in susceptibility to new cancer.


The medication can be ordered after testing.

This programme is carried out jointly with EUGENOMIC®.

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