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In conjunction with the leading Spanish diagnostic centres QUALE VITA has developed a program for a comprehensive check of all the important body systems based on latest technologies. SURVEY OBJECTIVES A quick checkup at QUALE VITA will provide: - Complete information on current health status. - Recommendations for the treatment of existing diseases. - Risk assessment of disease development.

First you would need to take a blood and urine test, as well as complete a detailed health questionnaire. According to the results of the collected history, our specialists will develop a program of individual examinations and, if necessary, arrange a consultation with a highly reputable endocrinologist. 5-7 weeks before the appointment, blood and urine samples should be sent to one of our European laboratories. Transportation and delivery of the samples is carried out by a special biomaterials courier company.
LIST OF TESTS - Complete blood count (including tumour markers) - Detailed blood and urine tests for hormones, amino acids and vitamins - Complete blood count for allergies and food intolerances - FloraScan intestinal microbiome - Genetic Polymorphism Panels test - Fatty acids in cell membranes test
* optional, not included in the main program)
TEST PROGRAM - Initial examination by a therapist, analysis of laboratory results - Full Body Scan Diagnostics - Final meeting with the therapist for the results discussion - Medical conclusion and recommendations
FULL BODY SCAN Full Body Scan is a complete computer tomography body scan, which allows to notice the smallest signs of organ disorders and to conduct the most accurate and comprehensive diagnostics of the body. The survey includes a scan of the internal organs, blood vessels and bones, as well as a complete blood count, including hormonal diagnostics and tumor markers.

SCANNING OF WHOLE BODY TAKES 20 SECONDS, AND THE RADIATION DOSE IS 80% LESS THAN WITH TRADITIONAL SCANNERS. The main part of the study is carried out using he latest generation machine 320- Slice CT TAS producing images of maximum resolution. A full body scan is necessary to - eliminate the possibility of colon, lung and brain cancer; - detect any abnormalities of the heart (risk of myocardial infarction); - examine bones and spinal injuries (disc herniation); - examine the blood circulation in the body.
OUR PROGRAM INCLUDES: - Full Medical Examination - Eye and ear exam examination - Complete blood and urine tests, including a CEA (calcinoembrionario antigen), CA-19.9, PSA for men, and CA-125 (ovarian cancer marker) for women, protein test, and check of thyroid function and hepatitis B and C . - Heart scan (non-invasive, angiography) - Abdominal ultrasound - NMR of the skull - a resonance study of internal brain damage - Full Body diagnostic multi-detectors scan of the body from tip to toe: - Complete neurological CT (TAS) - Examination of the abdominal cavity and chest CT (TAS) for diagnosing problems of digestion and lungs tumors - CT (TAS) vascular screening - Heart DMD 
- Virtual colonoscopy for colon cancer
- CT (TAS) of bones
Annual medical examination is the shortest way to health and active longevity.

As a result the patient receives

- full information on the current state of their health; - recommendations for treatment of existing diseases; - information on predispositions of their body and recommendations for prevention of possible cardiovascular, neuro-degenerative, endocrinological and oncological diseases.

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