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Preparation for therapy with a professional coach.

A holistic approach to health is as important as proper nutrition, exercise, good quality sleep and vitamin-hormonal balance. At the end of this programme, you will be ready to begin our programmes of preventive and anti-ageing medicine.

The Positive Change programme allows anyone interested in health and longevity to switch on their energy, their potential, their resources and achieve more in their life. Having mastered this concept, you will feel more successful and content, capable of building harmonious relationships and achieving your goals. Your health will become better and going through a therapy programme will be easier and more effective.

In QualeVita we believe in a comprehensive approach to health improvement. This means that correcting hormone levels goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced emotional state. In the course of a therapeutic programme, emotions, affected by additional hormones, may change, so it is important to adjust the way you think. Staying mentally young and healthy is an important part of therapy. A professional coach will become your partner in changing your lifestyle, your self-esteem and the way you see the world around you.

- How do you find the will power to change your lifestyle and maintain it?

- How do you accept your new self, your results and achievements?

- How do you deal with burnout and loss of interest in life?

- How do you achieve goals without stress and with pleasure?

If any of these questions are on your mind, then a professional coach and our Positive Change programme will help you find the answers.

Managing your resources and your energy is the same skill as managing time or planning your finances. It’s only a matter of learning how to do it.

The Positive Change programme includes:

1. An introductory session to allow you to understand if coaching is right for you

30 minutes by Skype or phone

2. An Energy Leadership Index Assessment. Measuring the level of energy that leads to a specific behaviour helps to understand how such behaviour can be changed

1 session, 2 hours by Skype or phone

3. Coaching

You will be asked to do some homework between the sessions.

Coaching helps to find solutions to real life problems. It enables you to replenish your energy and supports you on the path to change.

6 sessions, 1 hour by Skype or phone

Bonus 1: One 30-minute session on techniques to reduce stress and heal your body (breathing exercises and the basics of meditation)

Bonus 2: Two 15-minute calls during the programme

Bonus 3: SMS and e-mail correspondence during the programme

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