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This programme is for under 40s who want to check their health before any major changes.

We usually think that at the age of 35-40 we are still very much in our prime, experiencing maybe just some minor issues health-wise. However, modern doctors think differently. The ideal hormonal background and body condition in women is reached at the age of 18 to 23, whereas in men it’s from 21 to 25. It plateaus up until about 30 and then we hit the age when preventive medicine and anti-age doctors should be approached for the first time. Spotting and managing age-related health changes at an early stage will slow down the inexorable process of ageing. We can put off genetically caused diseases and remain young, active and healthy.

The programme “ANTI-AGE: FIRST STEPS” involves testing, analysis and correction of the main and most important laboratory indicators of health with targeted research of reliable markers of the body’s ageing. 

The programme includes:

- Specialized blood tests for biochemical parameters, assessment of lipid spectrum and carbohydrate metabolism disorders, hormonal status, inflammation indicators, detection of deficiency of the most important vitamins and essential trace elements, as well as detection of toxic metals in the blood

- A urine test developed inhouse by our specialists which will help to understand how your body “consumes” major hormones and if there is a need for any corrections

The results are interpreted by a Ph.D. in Medical Sciences with more than 25 years of experience in leading world clinics, an endocrinologist specialising in preventive medicine. You will receive specific recommendations on how to eliminate any negative ageing processes, replenish any deficiencies identified by the test as well as on how to restore your health to optimum levels.

In case of significant deviations in the test results, we can arrange for additional examinations and/or additional face-to-face consultations with a doctor.

At the end of the consultation with the doctor, you will receive a unique extended therapy programme developed exclusively for you.

The programme includes:

- All necessary tests done in leading European laboratories

- Analysis of a specially developed anti-age medical questionnaire

- Interpretation of results and preparation of initial individual recommendations

- Face-to-face or online consultation for up to one hour with a specialist in preventive medicine

- Recommendations for the correction of any imbalances and a healthy lifestyle

- Selection of all necessary certified medicines and supplements manufactured in the EU and USA

- Assistance with purchase and delivery of medications to any destination in the world

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