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MECHANISMS OF SEXUAL MATURITY The puberty period is a transitional phase between childhood and sexual maturity, associated with certain physical and mental changes in the child’s body. During this period a dynamic change of the external and internal genital organs occurs, the development of secondary sexual characteristics, and the establishment of sexual identity take place. The timing of puberty depends on a variety of genetic factors and external conditions: race and ethnicity, environment, geographical location, and even dietary patterns — all of these factors are significant in the formation of the reproductive system.
Experts have noted recently an ever earlier puberty in children - in the age range from 8 to 13 years for girls and from 9 to 14 years for boys. MAIN SYMPTOMS OF SEXUAL DEVELOPMENT FUNCTIONAL DISORDER At an early stage of puberty (within the permissible age range during normal development, sex hormones trigger a rapid restructuring of the body. Depending on the gender of the child, female or male hormones are activated, and start managing the formation and functioning of the sex organs. Body structure and functioning of various organds change. Sweat and sebaceous glandsbecome more active leading to increased hair growth. Circulatory and endocrine systems also run faster, affecting in particular the adipose tissue formation.
Age-related changes in external sexual signs should begin in a timely manner. Normally, girls at the age of 13 begin to form the mammary glands, while boys see the enlargement of the testicles and penis. Growth of facial hair and pubic hair alone is not a sufficient proof of normal hormonal development.
The lack of development of external sexual signs by this age indicates a delay in sexual development and a hormonal impairment. Premature puberty may also require consultation with a specialist and certain correction. The reasons for the delayed or premature sexual development can lie a disruption of the hormonal and central nervous systems, malnutrition, environmental and ecological situation, chronic diseases, developmental disorders during the embryonic phase, genetic and hereditary factors.
If left untreated delayed or advanced puberty and growth disorders may lead to depression, behavioral problems, low self-esteem, poor academic performance, short stature, disproportionate development and fragility of bones, susceptibility to frequent fractures and infertility in the future.


Well chosen hormonal therapy stimulates the correction of sexual development. The treatment results in secondary sexual signs development, helps to stabilise the skeleton growth. The body comes into compliance with the age norm of development. Upon completion of the treatment sexual development continues without any medical support maintaining a normal growth rate. Therapy may be needed for up to two years, however in most cases 3-6 months course is sufficient. Hormonal correction of developmental problems is most effective at the early stages. Quale Vita doctors are real experts in this field. They use effective methods of early diagnostics, select the latest hormonal drugs and provide support for such a delicate problem throughout the entire course of treatment.

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