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Tatiana Bakunina will attend Happiness Festival in Georgia

As the heroine of a famous movie said: "At forty years of life is just beginning." Tatiana Bakunina assures you: with the right approach, it will start every day ... up to 120 years ...

At her 50s, Tatyana Bakunina knows for sure that at any age you can look and feel great. Moreover, a huge number of health problems can and should be prevented. This is what Tatyana is engaged in - preventive and anti-age medicine. These super modern technologies allow to "look" into the genetic code of each person, identify risks, learn predispositions and give individual solutions. As a result, it is possible, if not to definitively cancel aging, to at least radically improve the quality of life.

- Many people take health problems for granted," she says. - If you go to the average doctor at the age of 40 and complain about a decline in strength and lack of vitality, the doctor will say, 'What did you want at your age? People still live with an attitude that feels worse with age. There's even a popular saying: "If you wake up after fifty and you don't have any pain, it means you're dead". How wrong that is! You can and should feel good every day."

Tatiana Bakunina has been engaged in innovative medicine for many years: she is a graduate of Harvard, for a long time she served on the board of directors of a leading international corporation and was responsible for the search and acquisition of the latest medical technologies around the world. At 43, Tatiana makes a momentous decision: she leaves this, as she puts it, golden cell and opens a network of consulting centers in Europe. She is now involved not only in the treatment of existing diseases, but also in the prevention of diseases that have not yet arisen, at the same time joining the American Academy of Antiage Medicine and the International Society for Hormone Replacement Therapy, headed by Dr. Thierry Ertom. What once seemed fantastic is quite realistic today: all this is pure biochemistry, physiology and endocrinology. It's true, at the most modern level. In its centers with the help of many innovative tests, doctors determine what diseases each individual patient is inclined to, what hormones, amino acids, vitamins and minerals he lacked, and prescribe individual programs that can return everything to normal. Even more important and difficult - explain in detail what changes (and why!) you need to make in your life to be healthier and feel 100%.

- "Convincing a patient to change his or her lifestyle is perhaps the most difficult part of the job," admits Tatiana Bakunina. - We are often asked for a magic pill that will allow us to stay healthy without changing our habits. And this is impossible, not for any money. There is no miracle cure "for everything". However, as there is no such disease as "old age". After all, no one has ever died from it. We, our health and our well-being are 80% dependent on lifestyle."

At the "Age of Happiness" festival in Tbilisi, Tatiana Bakunina will share both her personal experience and once fantastic, but now quite real ways to stay young and active, regardless of age, and will reveal the secret of how to live happily until the age of 120 with the help of modern medicine.

- "To be energetic and healthy at any age is a normal human condition. I'm only 50, and I'm definitely feeling better now than I was thirty five. Even when I'm thirty," Tatiana adds."

The meeting with Tatyana Bakunina will take place on April 28, 2018 at 12:00.


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