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The QualeVita programme is developed in collaboration with nutritionists, geneticists and preventive medicine doctors

The QualeVita programme, developed together with nutritionists, geneticists and preventive medicine doctors, starts by checking the patient’s intestinal condition, hormonal and genetic profiles and allergic reactions. Then, based on the results of these studies, our doctors suggest a diet and therapy, naturally restoring weight and general health but not through restrictive diets.

We will conduct a full range of preliminary tests for hormones, genes, allergies in addition to a biochemical blood test and an intestinal performance analysis. Based on the results, we will draw a comprehensive list of all the foods to be included in your diet as well as the ones that should be avoided and the right combinations of food. We will also recommend any necessary nutritional supplements.

The data of our scientific analysis will be sent to our biologist/nutraceutta, who will produce a nutrition plan for you, including recipes and cooking methods.

During your visit to our centres, you will have an appointment with a geneticist-nutritionist doctor who will interpret your test results and explain the general principles of good nutrition and how to follow your nutrition programme. Our biologist/biochemist will offer recommendations regarding necessary food elements and how to choose them correctly.

For those who are interested, we can arrange a special workshop on healthy eating with leading chefs. An individual cooking class based on your nutrition plan can be recorded on video for you to take home with you.

At the end of the programme you will have a final appointment with your preventive medicine doctor to discuss your progress and the results of the programme. You will also receive advice on nutrition and dietary supplements.

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