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Preparations for youth
Preparations for youth
29 August 2018
Men, take your vitamins

Men need vitamins much more than women, and it is no joke. On the contrary, the latest research has proved it.   A monotonous diet and high consumption of meat instead of vegetables make men more vulnerable and fragile. The good news is that multivitamin complexes can partially fill this gap and improve health.   The human body consists of 80 trace elements of the periodic table. A noticeable lack of even one of these elements can lead to metabolic disorders, a weakened immune system and serious health problems. Vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in longevity. They are vital to the processes of blood cell generation, bone formation, intracellular respiration and tissue formation.  Recent studies have shown that using multivitamins helps to live longer. The regular intake of vitamin complexes significantly assists in prolonging life. A recent large and comprehensive French study of middle-aged men (aged 45-60) showed that the overall mortality rate was significantly reduced (by 37%) thanks to the daily intake of supplements containing 100 mg of vitamin C, 30 mg of vitamin E and 100 mg of beta carotene.   Why do men need to take vitamins more than women?   Absorption of the same vitamin complexes by men and women leads to different results. The reason may be found in different nutritional habits. Unlike men, women usually eat more fruit and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins. A nutrient-rich diet may explain why supplements containing relatively low doses of these substances do not have the desired effect on the female body. Men, on the other …

Preparations for youth
21 December 2016
Dangerous drugs for your unborn children

Let's talk about the hidden dangers of drugs which might affect any woman. In the event of an unplanned pregnancy even “harmless” drugs can be teratogenic and cause congenital malformations and deformities in foetus. You should be aware of this. The fate of many families would not be so tragic if doctors did not forget to warn them of the teratogenic effects of prescribed drugs. Remember: before taking any medication, it is important to read the instructions carefully and check the medical research available. This way you will protect your life as well as your future children’s health. The teratogenic effect of drugs —from the Greek Τέρας (“monster”) and Γεννάω (“I give birth”)— is the ability to cause the development of congenital malformations. There are many teratogenic drugs that cause anomalies and malformations of the embryo. As a rule, gynecologists are well aware of these drugs and do not prescribe them during pregnancy. However, these drugs are often used to treat a wide range of diseases in women of reproductive age. If a woman becomes pregnant over the course of treatment, the consequences can be dire. Retrospective studies show that some doctors prescribe teratogenic drugs to treat acne, psoriasis, hypertension and epilepsy, and they do not draw their female patients’ attention to possible side effects. We hope that soon there will be a general list of teratogenic drugs available to both medical specialists and patients. Recently, a US medical centre conducted a study of track records for prescription of pharmaceutical teratogens of category …

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