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Diet of youth
13 March 2019
We are what we eat!

All of us - people with high self-awareness - have long known: we are what we eat! Every time we design our menu, we program our mood and health. After all the intestine is our second brain, and its population - the microbiota - has a very strong influence on many processes associated with our health and emotional disposition.  A healthy metabolism: maximum absorption of nutrients, vitamins and microelements, as well as effective elimination of all unnecessary ones; building the immunity and protection from inflammatory processes - all these processes are controlled by the microbiota - a large and friendly family of microorganisms that lives in our intestines. How can we make sure that the state of our microbiota is normal? I suggest to start with getting acquainted with its main assistants - pro and biotics. So, Probiotics are useful bacteria working hard for the benefit of your body, while Prebiotics (indigestible fibers) simply serve as food for Probiotics.   In this issue I will talk about ten products that nourish microbiota and neutralize the negative effects of stress of modern lifestyle bad environment of large cities.  Your brain, skin, and other organs will thank you if you include in your menu the following simple products:   1. SauerkrautSauerkraut provides the body with a large number of useful bacteria. High fiber content in cabbage subdues bloating and facilitates faultless functioning of the digestive system.Look for fresh sauerkraut, not canned. 2. AsparagusAsparagus works as a prebiotic. It contains a lot of inulin - indigestible fiber, which nourishes healthy bifidobacteria and lactobacilli …

Preparations of youth
29 August 2018
Men, take your vitamines!

Men need vitamins much more than women. And this is not a joke. It has been proven by the latest research. A monotonous diet and addiction to meat to the detriment of vegetable dishes make men more vulnerable and fragile. The good news is that multivitamin complexes can partially fill this gap and improve health. The human body consists of 80 trace elements of the periodic table. A noticeable lack of even one of them can lead to metabolic disorders, weakened immune system and serious health problems. Vitamins and minerals play a crucial role in longevity - they are vityal for the processes of blood cells generation, bone formation, intracellular respiration, and tissue formation. Recent studies have shown that the use of multivitamins helps to live longer. Regular intake of vitamin complexes really helps to prolong life. A recent large and comprehensive French study of middle-aged men (aged between 45–60 years) showed nthat the overall mortality rate was significantly reduced (by 37%) due to the daily intake of supplements containing 100 mg of vitamin C, 30 mg of vitamin E and 100 mg of beta carotene. Why do men need to take vitamines more than women? Absorbtion of the same vitamin complexes by men and women leads to different results. The reason may be in different nutritional habits. Unlike men, women usually eat more fruit and vegetables –– foods rich in vitamins. A nutrient-rich diet may explain why supplements containing relatively low doses of these substances do not have the desired effect on the female body. Men, on …

Preparations of youth
01 December 2017
Lithium might be dangerous

Lithium-based drugs are considered among the most effective and safest antidepressants. Be careful! Spring is coming - streams are churning, birds are chirping, sunbeams are running around ... Nature is awakening, and our bodies are waking up with it, exhausted by the long winter hibernation and lack of vitamins. You have probably noticed that it is in spring that people often complain about bad mood. The fatigue that has accumulated over the winter sometimes prevents us from enjoying the spring. Those of us who find it difficult to make a seasonal change in the usual rhythm are familiar with proven methods of dealing with spring blues. Lithium is considered to be one of the mildest and safest antidepressant substances, and doctors often prescribe supportive therapy based on it. Some people turn to it without a medical advice. I want to warn you against this. If you came across the positive effects of this substance, and even if a doctor prescribed it to you, be sure to take a genetic tyest before you begin taking it. Sometimes doctors forget to mention possible side effects of prescribed drugs, and it’s better to take care of your own safety. Lithium therapy is safe only after genes analysis. Lithium is the lightest alkali metal, white, soft, silvery. Lithium has an affinity for oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, with which it actively interacts. The name comes from the Greek word lithos - stone. It was discovered by A. Arfvedson (Sweden) in 1817 Lithium carbonate is often used for depression and bipolar disorder treatments. …

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