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Unique extended preventive therapy programme

The “ANTI-AGE: FULL HORMONES” programme includes numerous and detailed clinical tests of most of the main indicators: thyroid hormones, adrenal glands function, sex hormones, amino acids, minerals, trace elements and fatty acids. Extensive analysis and adjustment to optimal level of these health indicators are carried out under close medical supervision.

The programme includes:

- An exclusive blood test, which looks at biochemical parameters, assesses lipid spectrum and carbohydrate metabolism disorder, hormonal status, inflammation indicators, detects deficiencies of numerous vitamins and essential trace elements, as well as the content of toxic metals in the blood

- 24-hour urine analysis to check how your body “consumes” hormones, and check the situation of amino acids

The results are interpreted by world leading experts in the field of preventive and anti-ageing medicine, members of WOSAAM who have many years of experience in leading centres for preventive medicine.

Your doctor will give you recommendations on how to correct the deficiencies identified in the tests, as well as on how to restore your health to optimum levels.

The programme includes:

- All necessary tests and/or analysis carried out in leading laboratories

- Analysis of a specially developed anti-age medical questionnaire

- Interpretation of results and preparation of individual recommendations

- Detailed consultation for up to four hours with a leading doctor, a specialist in preventive medicine

- Recommendations to correct any imbalance in health indicators and on leading a healthy lifestyle

- A set of individually selected certified products manufactured in the EU and/or USA

- Help with finding, purchasing and delivery of medications to any location in the world

- Qualified medical support during the first visit and following consultations regarding prescribed therapy

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